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Saying Goodbye to Dating Fears: A Step-by-Step Guide

We've all been there—sitting at home nervously hitched up on the couch, eyes glued to the phone with sweaty palms. Nervousness and fear can be paralyzing when it comes to dating. We think this is a normal state to be in, but we can unpack our anxieties and take control over our love lives. With this guide, we'll help you overcome your worst dating fears and emerge a confident, self-assured dater ready to take the lead.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Fear of Rejection
  3. Fear of Embarrassment
  4. Fear of Not Finding Someone
  5. Fear of Being That Weirdo
  6. Final Thoughts


Dating brings up all kinds of questions, worries, and clouds of doubt in our heads. What if they don't like me? What if I talk too much? What if I'm not good enough? We can easily let these questions turn into two little words: "what if…?" But instead of getting lost in the frightening what-ifs, let's acknowledge these fears and then make a plan to move forward, step-by-step.

The truth is, we're all going to experience rejection, awkward silences, and date someone who isn't right for us. It's part of the journey. The key is to accept these obstacles as possible outcomes and reframe the underlying fear from one of dread to one of possibility.

Fear of Rejection

Rejection is common, and it doesn't have anything to do with you or your traits—it happens to everyone. You can even learn to see it as a gift. Rejection is actually an opportunity to refine your approach and recalibrate who you are attracted to.

Start small. Instead of jumping straight into major events like speed dating or blind dates, try something low-stakes like joining a book club or downloading an app that allows you to start conversations. Whatever you choose, approach it with a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.

Fear of Embarrassment

Another common dating fear is embarrassing yourself in front of the other person. Maybe you tend to babble, go blank, or just start sweating inexplicably.

To combat this, practice talking to friends and family first. Talk about something you know, like a favorite hobby or book, and expand your conversation topics. Find ways to pull in more people, such as making introductions or asking others their opinion. Remind yourself that the other person is probably nervous too.

Fear of Not Finding Someone

This fear is likely connected to some deeper unresolved issues. Address these core issues first.

Learn to recognize when you're feeling insecure or inadequate and practice self-compassion. Have a mantra or motivational quote that you can reference whenever necessary.

Also, broaden your search parameters. Reframe your focus and try looking for someone to share life experiences with, instead of someone to ‘complete’ you. After all, relationships should add further joy and fulfilment to your life.

Fear of Being That Weirdo

Oh, that weirdo. The one who talks too much, makes strange gestures, or laughs too loud.

It's important to note that rejection has nothing to do with who you really are. It's an opportunity to refine your approach and take a risk. You aren’t your mistakes, so don’t let your fear of being the weird one stop you from exploring who you truly are.

Be brave. Dare to be different and don’t let anyone define you by their perception. All you can do is bring your best self to the table, and if the other person can't handle it, they aren't worth your time.

Final Thoughts

Ridding ourselves of our dating fears will ultimately make way for more meaningful connections. In the end, relationships are a risk, but the rewards are worth it. As you embark on your journey, remember to stay true to yourself, don't overthink, and remain open to learning.