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Love vs. Lust: What's the Difference?

Love and lust are often confused for each other, yet there are several key distinctions between the two. While love is a heartfelt emotion that can be reciprocated, lust is typically an unfulfilling feeling of desire that is almost never mutual. In this article we'll dive into the topics of love and lust, how they differ, and what to look out for when experiencing either emotion.

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What is Love?

Love is an emotion that is often difficult to define, but most would agree that it is something that holds a special part in our life. It is also something that is felt deeply, often in a way that can't be described by mere words. Love is unconditional – it doesn't come with an agenda or conditions. It's about wanting the best for someone else and giving without expecting anything in return. When you love someone, you want what's best for them and will do anything to show them care and support.

What is Lust?

Lust is a strong physical and sexual attraction and desire that is usually associated with a fantasy. Unlike love, lust doesn't require deep emotions and doesn't usually involve feelings of fondness or tenderness. Lust is simply a pressing craving and it doesn't take long to reach its climax. It doesn't require a sustained effort and it doesn't necessarily last.

Signs of Love vs. Signs of Lust

There are many signs that indicate whether someone is feeling love or lust. Some of the most common signs of love include:

  • Wanting to spend a lot of time with someone
  • Having patience and learning to compromise
  • Being willing to make sacrifices for someone
  • Not expecting anything in return
  • Feeling joy when the person succeeds

On the other hand, some of the signs of lust include:

  • An intense physical and sexual attraction
  • Not being interested in the person's feelings or opinions
  • Just wanting sex and nothing more
  • Expecting immediate satisfaction
  • Not wanting to commit

Final Thoughts

Whether someone is feeling love or lust, all emotions should be respected. If someone is not looking for a committed relationship, they should make that known to their partner from the start. Love and lust both have the potential to bring great joy and contentment, but it's important to know the difference. As long as everyone is aware of their emotions, then no one should get hurt.