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Online Dating Tips – Top 5 Game-Changing Tips You Can Apply Today!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, it is highly likely you have heard of the myriad dating sites on the Internet.  There are dating sites for Christians, marijuana users, athletes, and virtually every other sub-group of people in today’s society.  With that said, despite the fact that a new dating site seems to pop up almost every month, very few people have success with online dating (hence the need for online dating tips).

The truth is online dating is not much different than dating in the real world.  You have to understand the fundamentals of attraction, and you have to know how to interact with the opposite sex.  If you are an extremely boring man with no hobbies, online dating is not going to solve your problems.  Online dating does, however, give you dramatically more opportunities to meet women than the real world/our everyday lives.

Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips – Tip 1: It’s a Numbers Game

Out in real life, the number of women you can meet is limited to the number of women you see around you.  Even in places like bars or clubs, there might only be 10-20 women close to your age/that you find attractive.  On the other hand, sites like Plenty of Fish and eHarmony feature thousands of women in your local area.  And odds are you will find more than 10 or 20 of them that are close to your age and appealing to you.

Given the vast amount of women on online dating sites, the overwhelming majority of which are looking for men, it would be to your benefit to learn how online dating works.  Some men consider online dating sites ‘goldmines.’  There are two reasons for this.  We have already touched on reason number one: lots and lots of women.  More importantly, because so many men do not understand online dating, the few that do get it have significantly more dates and opportunities than everyone else.

Online Dating Tips – Tip 2: Your Profile Matters a Lot

So what online dating tips do I have to offer?  For starters, do some research into profile design.  Numerous studies have shown that certain types of profiles and profile pictures get much higher response rates than others.  I have touched on exactly what you should do in some of my other articles so I will not rehash it here.  I will, however, emphasize that you should definitely read up on what types of profiles get high response rates and what types do not.

Online Dating Tips – Tip 3: Learn How to Communicate

The next most important thing you can do is learn how to flirt and communicate with women.  Similar to dating in the real world, most men bore the hell out of women as soon as the interaction gets started.  The reason for this is because women communicate on a different level than men.  Some men phrase this in terms of women speaking a different ‘language’ than men.  Obviously we are all speaking the same language, but these men are right in the sense that women are communicating in a different way.

Watch any daytime soap opera and you will see what we are talking about here.  Soap operas are packed with emotional storylines that bounce from one topic to the next without any linear path or logic behind them.  To men they make no sense at all, but to women they are highly stimulating.  This is because women are wired to think and communicate in the same way, and soap operas have tapped into that wiring perfectly.

Online Dating Tips – Tip 4: Women Communicate with Emotions

Instead of communicating in terms of facts and linear conversation topics, women communicate using emotion and flow from one topic to the next.  If you have ever tried talking to an everyday woman about fluctuations in the stock market, for example, you will notice that they immediately lose interest and simply don’t care.  Talk to them about their neighbor’s divorce, however, and they immediately perk up and have a million things to say.

This is because women are stimulated by emotionally charged topics.  Gossip, rumors, observations, passions, problems; all of these topics are interesting to women because they are based on emotion and have no clear or correct ‘answers.’  As a matter of fact, anything that has a clear yes/no or black/white answer is probably boring to a woman.  I know this is extremely hard for men to understand, as we are not stimulated by such vague and emotionally open-ended topics, but that’s just how the world is.

If Only…

If the world were based on women chasing men, women would have to learn how to communicate on a factual and logical level.  Unfortunately we do not live in such a world, which means we men have to learn to communicate on an emotional level.

I’ve gone a little off topic here, but this is one of my most important online dating tips.  In the real world, many women will give you a second chance if you approach them and start to bore them.  In the world of online dating, one bad move could lead to her deleting your message and you losing whatever small chance you had.  Given this, getting your communication skills handled is crucial.

Online Dating Tips – Tip 5: Make it Fun

With that said, you should not view online dating as a cutthroat undertaking.  The truth is online dating is great practice for dating in the real world.  By improving your communication skills, and learning what women respond to, you will become more effective in your face-to-face interactions.  As you can imagine, there is virtually no down side to this; there is, however, a ton of upside.

I hope my online dating tips have helped a little. The truth is online dating should not be an anxiety inducing process for you.  While it may hurt a little when a woman ignores you after messaging back and forth, it won’t hurt as much as it does in the real world.  Further, by treating online dating as an experiment, you can learn what women respond to and what turns women off.  Armed with this knowledge, you can continually improve your online dating skills or apply them to the real world.  In short, you have virtually nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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