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When it comes to dating there are a million and one blogs you can learn from. Unfortunately most of the people running these blogs are paid writers who have little to no experience in the field they are writing about. To complete their piece, they spend 15-30 minutes doing ‘research’ before writing an article telling tens of thousands of people how to behave.  It is for this reason I created my own online dating advice website.

At Dating Bullet we think this is both unethical and unproductive. The truth is dating is both an art and a science, and becoming successful at dating requires that you approach it as such. We consider Dating Bullet to be the best online dating blog because we have years of experience and have learned through trial and error. Because we are in the field every day, interacting with women and talking to men about their problems, we feel we have the right to instruct men on how they can improve their dating lives.

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The truth is online dating is hard. Approximately 97% of men give up on online dating in as little as three months. Why would men quit so early? One reason: lack of results. Why pay for or even spend time on something that isn’t providing you with a return? This is truly unfortunate, as online dating sites are like dating goldmines that offer men hundreds and thousands of options to choose from. The problem lies in the fact that most men don’t know how to approach online dating, and fail time after time.

As a professional online dating blog, Dating Bullet aims to help men overcome their failures and tap into the plethora of dates that dating websites have to offer. The truth is online dating makes dating easier than ever before when you know what you’re doing. By setting up a profile that women are attracted to, and interacting with women the right way, you can quite literally set up a date for every night of the week. We don’t recommend you do this, as you should have a regular life outside of dating. However, those of you who lives in large cities have no idea how many women are spending time on dating sites looking for men.

Further, the information we provide on our online dating blog is free. Unlike some ‘pickup artists,’ who provide video teasers but save all the good stuff for their paying customers, Dating Bullet provides free articles that are jam-packed with actionable dating advice. It is for this reason we consider ourselves to be the number one online dating blog on the Internet.

If you’ve been struggling with online dating, and are ready to get this area of your life handled, we invite you to join our community. Spend some time browsing the articles we’ve provided on our site. Join our weekly newsletter. Interact with other readers by leaving blog comments. Our number one goal is to help you take control of your dating life once and for all, and we invite you to join us!

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Tom Hunt
Back in the days I used pickup lines or techniques, now I am just being myself! I am not a player nor a pick up artist, but a guy who works hard everyday to become a better man! Let me help you to do the same with - The No1 Dating Advice Magazine for Men.

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