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Ok Cupid – 7 Quick To Apply Tips To Make The Most Of It

Even though sites like Ok Cupid (go to there site here) are extremely popular, plenty of guys find online dating the route to go for the meek. But it takes balls to chat with the girl, and then actually go meet up with her. The major advantage of online dating is that you can find any kind of woman, have the opportunity to screen her and then date her.

OK Cupid

This puts you outside of your comfort zone – you meet more than the women at the bar where you are known as a regular. And there are plenty of great sites to look at, one fantastic free dating website is Ok Cupid.

Ok Cupid – How To Create A Great Profile Women Reply To

You’ll need to sign up for an account that tells women you are looking for them, your age, status, likes, etc. Create a profile that tells a little about you, is humorous and confident – these are the profiles that girls like. It is annoying to complete the full profile when you just want to browse the selection, but if you are looking for more than a fling, fill it out. Long-term chicks want to see the effort put into who you are. Of course if you just want a hook up, less is more. And you will easily find some girls to just have fun with.

Bad Profile Example

My name is Ian, I am 26 and a full time computer engi

neer. I like trying new craft beers, walking my dog and eating out.

Good Profile Example

You obviously like my chiseled face, but don’t know I helped build the computer your oogling at me on. That’s right, I’ve got the looks and the brains. When I’m not in the office, you may find me in the park fetching with my dog (the goal is for him to do the fetching), trying the newest Ethiopian hot spot or putting down a good IPA.

Once you find a girl that catches your eye, maybe a tall, curvy brunette who likes going out and driving around, contact her. Try instant messaging or a lighthearted email. You want to make sure you come across as laid back and confident, a no pressure kind of guy. After a conversation or couple emails (at most), move it forward: ask her out! Ok Cupid is not for hiding behind, it is meant to let you meet the girls you don’t see in every day life. Put yourself out there and you’ll get results!

ok cupid

OK Cupid – 6 Do’s & Dont’s that Will Get You Ahead Of The Pack!

  • Do NOT use a profile picture that includes other women or is cropped: yes other women want you, but it comes across as cocky.
  • Do NOT use a profile picture that looks like any other guy. Stand Out!
  • Do NOT hide behind the website: you still need to get out of the house and interact.
  • DO flirt, politely: her picture may have you staring at her chest, but tell her it was her eyes that reeled you in. But don’t overdo the complementing!
  • DO remember there is room for interpretation when you talk via email: you may need to read between the lines. Look – and use – smiley faces, winks, j/ks, etc so there is no miscommunication. Be direct.
  • DO contact multiple chicks. You want to set yourself up for success and meeting more than one woman gives you that opportunity.

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