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Best Places to Meet Women – This is NOT What You Expect!

Are you fumbling around, struggling to figure out the best places to meet women? This is a common problem for most men, but the solution isn’t actually that complicated. If you can understand a few basic things and are willing to put yourself out there,.

In just a minute, I will tell you all about the best places to meet women. But I will also teach you something FAR MORE valuable than just a list of venues.

In the past, I always found myself in the wrong places when trying to meet women. I was setting myself up for failure right from the start. This affected my confidence and made me feel helpless. I began to think that maybe I’d just never be great at approaching girls. Once I realized I was choosing my places unwisely, my success skyrocketed and my doubts were erased.

Of course, my initial beliefs were limiting and unwarranted. Sure, in terms of meeting women, there are some places that are better than others. There’s far cuter girls in Victoria’s Secret than in Wal-Mart; that’s just a fact of life. But just because a place may be a little more difficult does not mean it is impossible. Be careful not to use the venue as an excuse, you still control the outcome and maintain responsibility for your results. With that said, it’s still good to put yourself in the right places more often because that will increase your odds of success.

Before we start naming venues, let’s approach the subject from a different angle. Let’s take dating and the best places to meet women and considers each of these places as an individual marketplace. The local supermarket is an individual marketplace for girls, so is a specific nightclub. Each marketplace contains different variables that must be considered.

Dating Economics 101

Whether you are an economics professor or a budding Casanova, supply and demand is everything. Remembers Economics 101: a product/service is most valuable when demand is high and supply is low. When supply goes up, so there is a lot of the product around, the product is usually perceived as less valuable. Let’s apply this to the dating world.

As for the marketplace for women, each has its own laws of supply and demand. New York has different supply and demand when compared to Los Angeles or London. Nightclubs vary against each other, and even single tables in nightclubs will contain different supply and demand variables. One may be packed with single girls (high supply), whereas the other may be filled with mostly men and few girls (high demand). Your odds are significantly better in the first scenario.

Let’s look at a few places where you can meet women and analyze them under the laws of supply and demand, to open your eyes to the best places to meet women.

The Nightclub & Yoga Class Example

See Lucy at a nightclub. She stands there all dolled up and sporting heavy beauty combat gear (makeup, 6 inch heels, mini skirt- things that excite and intimidate men at the same time). She is surrounded by a group of her girlfriends and you think she looks absolutely gorgeous.

But how many drunken guys have approached her that night with bad pickup lines? The demand for Lucy is very high because there are so many drunk guys around that want to get laid that night. The supply of hot girls in that club is limited (yes, the place got a bit out of fashion recently), but there are still a ton of guys in the venue. The variables are certainly not in your favor.

Best Places To Meet WomenYou decide to approach her anyway, but get shot down. Absolutely torn to pieces. She’s denied so many drunken idiots that night that she is already on auto-pilot mode. She is almost completely unreceptive and will likely shut you down no matter how you approach her. Is it still possible to have a good interaction with Lucy and take her home that night? Of course it is. But the level of difficulty is unnecessarily higher and it will probably make sense to just choose a better venue. If you get shot down, just make sure not to sulk back home and start negative self-talk because you just can’t seem to get yourself a girl. This is a mistake that far too many guys make.

Meet Lucy again, Wednesday at 6 o’clock at a yoga class. She is all sweaty, her hair is messed up, and no make-up applied. She is surrounded by 10 other women nearly as stunning as her (ever tried yoga?). What do you think your chances are to approach her there? If you are really good at yoga, what do you think the chances are she even approaches you, for tips or some help- excellent way to start a conversation?

You don’t need to be a yoga expert to do this either. You can look like a fumbling idiot, struggling to bend to the yoga moves. But if you go at it with a good attitude and don’t take yourself too seriously, your odds will still be great.

A Foreigner in Shanghai

If you have ever lived as a foreigner in another country, you know that you are in low “supply” and depending on where you are, heavy “demand”. A good example is an English man in New York. Sometimes even the accent is enough to get him very, very far.

When I lived in China for a while, I had many women to choose from. It was as if the rules of the game were inverted. Even the pretty foreign girls sometimes get upset there because of such strong competition from stunning local girls.

If you are into blonde girls, for example, go to Sweden and suddenly you are the exotic guy surrounded by a high supply of blonde girls.

A Bar in Sri Lanka  

Sri Lanka is the place where female sex tourists go (Disclaimer: not every woman travelling there is a female sex tourist… not by a long shot). You stand in a beach bar in Hikkaduwa, like me last week, and have five foreign women, 20 local men, and 10 foreign men. How tough is it to get a girl there? Low supply of women and high demand for them. Be ready to compete heavily!

Last Man on the Planet

To take it to the ridiculous extreme, imagine you are the last man on the planet and there are 1,000 females left. Humanity’s last stand. Do you think you will have a hard time finding a girlfriend? Absolutely not.

Let’s get back to reality. We at DatingBullet pride ourselves with giving only highly actionable dating advice.

Back To Reality – How To Find The Best Places To Meet Women

When you go out of the house today, walk through the world with open eyes. Wherever you go and see women, be it the bookstore, the shopping mall, or any other place, really analyze it for the supply of women and the demand from guys.

Then tonight, sit down at home and grab a pen and paper. Write down how you could combine the things you love doing with meeting women in places that have low competition for you. Make a list of at least 5 points. Here are some pointers and ideas to guide you into the right direction:

A section of a big bookstore. I’ve had great success with meeting women in bookstores. It’s helpful to pick a section your interested in so you’ll already have something in common to talk about. Hang around for a little while and talk to girls about which books they can recommend. This is a fun way to get the conversation going.

Classes: dancing, acting, yoga- always packed with stunning, intelligent women. Don’t be afraid to take a leap and try something new. You’ll build your skills, have fun, and increase your social network. You’ll also surround yourself with beautiful women and put supply and demand in your favor.

A teaching position in Japan. You are into Asian girls? Low in supply in the US. Teach English in Japan and you will meet more cute Asian girls than you can fend off.

Meet-up groups are great as well. I attended a mixer the other night and had an amazing time. There are usually events like that every weekend if you live in a big city. In these kinds of events, the environment is warm and approach is easy. They are filled with single women who want to be approached.

Your friends: still one of the best places to meet girls, so make sure you have a big social circle!

During your daily routine: supermarket, dry cleaner, etc.

Remember to be creative. Don’t always look at the same old lists on the internet. Use your new found knowledge to spot gaps in the “marketplace” places. You can also find an excellent list of great places to meet women here.

Now go out and become aware of the supply and demand of dating. And please like us on Facebook, Google +, Twitter or your favourite social media!

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