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What’s THE Best Place To Meet Women?

Are you unsure where you can meet women? The majority of men think bars and clubs are the best place to meet women. However, although many people associate bars and clubs as the main way of encountering women, statistics show that there is a another, much less discussed, but much more successful way of meeting women. So read further and you will learn about THE best place to meet women. A spoiler alert right here, it is not the bar!

Best Place TO Meet Women

The Most Common Way Couples Meet

Studies have shown that the most common way that couples meet is through mutual friends. A number of studies, which asked couples how they met showed that the vast majority of them met through mutual friends. Knowing this can make meeting women much easier. It’s time to invest time into the friends that you have and even make a few new friends in order to meet women.

Also, according to Maxim’s Yearly Sex Survey 2011 (you just have to check out that one!!!), the best place to meet women is through mutual friends.

Why this Method Works

Meeting a woman through friends is much more successful for one main reason. If you approach a woman in a bar and start talking with her even if you are polite, charming and charismatic, she does not know who you are so may not want to trust you, and she will probably be reluctant to talk to you. On the other hand, if one of her friends introduces you to her she will be more trusting of you, and therefore, more willing to get to know you better.

The Best Place To Meet Women

How to Meet New Women Through Your Friends

You may have a great circle of friends, but in order to meet new women through th

em, you need to make a conscious effort with them. Firstly, you have to spend more time with your friends. This means saying, “yes” to their requests to go out, even if you’re not quite in the mood. Once your friends have asked you to go out, you also want to encourage them to invite their friends. Although most of the friends they will bring will probably be male, it can widen your circle of friends and improve your chances of meeting women in the future. However, sometimes your friends may bring friends who are female, which is ideal. Also, encourage your friends to bring their girlfriends or wives. If their girlfriends or

wives come along, they may bring some of their female friends with them, giving you the chance to get a date.

How to Increase your Circle of Friends to Meet More Women

If you don’t have the biggest circle of friends, it’s time to expand it. You can easily make new friends, but you have to make an effort. Take up a new activity, such as a martial art, and you will meet new potential friends. Once you have met a few new people, invite them out for a drink or other activity, and tell them to feel free to bring a few of their friends along. Another way to make new friends is to strike up a conversation at work with someone that is just an acquaintance, and try to build a friendship with them. You can then go out with them and ask them to bring their friends along too.

The best place to meet women is not at a bar or a club, but it is through your friends. Essentially, each friend that you have has their own circle of friends, which you can tap into in order to meet women. If your friend introduces you to a female friend of hers, make sure that you make a good impression.

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