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How to Talk to a Girl on Facebook

Social media is huge and nearly everybody and their mothers (literally) have Facebook accounts. This is a golden opportunity. If you know how to talk to a girl on Facebook, you’ll already have the edge over most guys.

That being said, Facebook should not be used as a substitute for talking to girls in person. You can be the greatest online conversationalist in the world -the Brad Pitt of Facebook- but that does not mean you’ll be that same smooth guy in person.

On the flip side, if you hone your “real life” conversation skills when face to face with girls, you won’t have much trouble communicating online. Keep this in mind.

Facebook can be amazing for reinitiating contact with girls you’ve already talked to in person. It can also be used to meet girls. It’s an easy medium you can use to build comfort and attraction quickly. From there, you can set up a day 2 and get things rolling. These tips will help you leverage your knowledge of Facebook chats to get more dates, lays, and overall success with women.

1. Keep it Fun and Interesting with the Cocky/Funny Approach

So many guys will Facebook chat a girl and just say “Hey” or “Hey, What’s up?” This is boring. If she is an attractive girl, she’s probably gotten at least 10 of those messages already that day.

Set yourself apart by making the interaction fun and interesting. This is where the classic “Cocky/Funny” approach comes in. Don’t be afraid to tease her and be sarcastic.

Ask yourself “Is this adding value to the conversation? Is it making her day more fun and interesting?” You’ll want to make sure you can answer ‘yes’ to both of these questions before typing a message.

Here’s an example of cocky/funny from one of my Facebook conversations. The context is that I met this girl quickly and thought she was cool, but didn’t get her number before she left. We had a mutual friend and I requested her on Facebook. In person, she filmed my friend and I in a sarcastic rap battle. This was midway through the conversation:

Me: Do you have a summer job or do you just follow amateur rappers around and film battles?

Her: I literally just laughed out loud. I work at an ice cream place haha and I follow amateur rappers and film battles.

She goes on to tell me which ice cream place she works at and of course I tease her for it, insisting that the rival ice cream place is much better. She plays along and threatens not to film any more of my rap battles.

The point is, instead of having the same boring “hey, what’s up/ how are you/what do you do for fun” conversation, I built up this funny little scenario where she’d follow me around and tape my amateur rap battles. Certainly more interesting and fun, and she played along.

By the end of the conversation, she offered her number (without me asking) and we went out later that week. Let’s just say the date went very well.

Be sarcastic, tease her, and stand out from all the boring guys that are constantly chatting her. Make it fun and interesting and you’ll be on your way.

2. Keep the Interaction Moving Forward

It’s great to have a fun conversation with an attractive girl on Facebook. It’s not uncommon to talk to a girl for a few hours if you’ve built a good connection. But don’t forget that you need to keep the interaction moving forward. Otherwise, it will never be more than a fun Facebook chat.

If things are going well and you are receiving good responses, push forward. You always want the conversation to be leading to a future face-to-face meetup. After all, that’s the whole point of the conversation.

Here are some things you can do to push the interaction forward in this direction:

1. If you’ve been talking for a longer than 20-30 minutes and want to keep the conversation going, ask her to video chat. Video chatting builds insane comfort and almost always leads to an in-person meet up when done right. It’s as simple as saying “Hey, what’s your skype name?”

2. Throughout the conversation, talk about future meetups. You don’t even need to get into specifics. The goal is to just get her thinking about hanging out with you. Even if it’s something ridiculous like following you around and filming amateur rap battles, the seed is still planted in her mind.

3. Always, ALWAYS get her number at some point (usually the end) of the conversation. I can’t stress this enough. Move the conversation to texting and then arrange the specifics of the meetup. Trying to coordinate a date on Facebook can sometimes be awkward and it’s not necessary. When you’ve taken the conversation to texting, you are that much closer to meeting up in person.

The bottom line is this: if you don’t take the communication off Facebook, you might as well be looking at porn. Talking to girls on Facebook is completely pointless if it doesn’t lead to a future meetup.

And remember, Facebook chatting girls is not a substitute for talking to girls in person. If you find yourself sitting in your basement on a Friday night with 10 chats open, get out of there immediately. Any comments on how to talk to a girl on facebook? Leave them below!

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