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How To Talk To A Girl – 6 Great Tips To Skyrocket Your Skill Today!

You want to know how to talk to a girl? I bet you have a very particular girl in mind! Or you just want to sharpen your skills in talking to girls in general? Either way, at the end of this article you will have 5 very specific techniques that will help you improve your skill tremendously. And the best thing is, you can use these techniques tonight! Now let’s answer your question: How To Talk To A Girl!

How To Talk To A Girl

1.) How To Talk To A Girl – Tip #1: How To Start A Conversation

Most guys freak themselves out with what should I say to a girl: “What is the first thing I should say to her? Which pickup line do I use?”

In short, don’t use pickup lines. Keep it all simple and just say “Hi”, but not in a shy way, say it with belief. Say it out loud. Then follow up with something like “I have never seen you around here. Are you from here?” and off the conversation goes.

2.) How To Talk To A Girl – Tip #2: Keep a conversation going

The art of conversation takes practise, but it can be learned. In case you are not a great conversationalist just yet, then have a couple of remarks or questions ready that can keep a conversation flowing. Pick Up artist use so called Canned Material (it’s called canned material, because it is in the can – your head – before the conversation starts). I personally do not recommend you use these sort of social robotics or other such techniques. Nevertheless, it helps to have some conversation re-starters ready when you need them & you are not particularly good with conversations in general!

Your ultimate goal is having genuine, interesting free-flow conversations.

Most girls like to talk a lot and if they are genuinely interested in you, they will be talking a lot. Here, you simply have to listen (but I mean really listen – not sitting there seeming to be listening but instead being focused on “Uh Oh…what do I say next.”

Very important here: Always make eye contact. Not making eye contact is a capital sin in a conversation. But make natural eye contact, breaking it sometimes. Don’t do the “creepy-stare” by never blinking once or looking away once!

3.) How To Talk To A Girl – Tip #3: How To Say Things Is More Important Than What To Say

How you say things is WAY more important than what you say. I had a friend in university who could say the most outrageous things to girls he met for the first time. You would sometimes think they will smack him in the head for it. But they started cracking up and laughing. He immediately hit it off with them.

If you are able to say things in a sly, funny and confident way you are halfway there. Therefore, you can better practise your delivery than what to say. But whatever you do, be genuine. When you pretend to be something you are not, women can see through that imemdiately.

How To Talk To A Girl

4.) How To Talk To A Girl – Tip #4: Comment Trumps Question

It is better to remark something than constantly asking questions, like some guys do. Unless it’s a job interview, and you are the interviewer, do not ask a girl thousand of questions, just to keep a conversation going. If you are genuinely interested though, that is something else. I met a girl the other day who told me she climbed the highest mountain outside the Himalayas. Since I am interested in the topic, I asked her questions for about an hour striaght until I had every last bit of information from her. This is genuine interest…in that case ask, ask, ask.

But don’t ask just because you want to keep the conversation going or feint interest!

5.) How To Talk To A Girl – Tip #5: Speak With Confidence

To osund confident, it is better to use exclamations instead of questions. If you combine that with confident body-language (eye contact!), it’s very powerful! Some examples:

Question: “Could you give me your number?” 

Exclamation: “Hey…give me your number, I want to meet you again.”

See how confident the exclamation sounds?

Question: “What would you like to eat?” 

Exclamation: “Why don’t you try the fish? It’s excellent here.”

The first question is what 80% of guys would do. Most girls don’t like such questions very much, because they don’t like making decisions! Giving her a recommendation in that way though shows her that you have an opinion, which you can state confidently! You are also taking risk with that statement. Risk? Yeah of course, what if she doesn’t like the fish after she has ordered it & complains about this for the whole walk home? It has happened to me before. But you have to take that chance, because it will show to her that you are indeed confident!

6.) How To Talk To A Girl – Tip #6: Observe

Some of the best conversation topics you get by just observing your surroundings with very open eyes. Wherever you are, look around yourself. What clothes are the people wearing? What Book is the girl that just walked in holding in her hand? There are a million clues out of there every second for a great conversation.

How To Talk To A Girl – 2 Exercises

Here are 2 quick exercises that will sharpen your skills to talk to girls!

Excersice #1

For a day, walk around and start 5 conversations with 5 random people based on observations you have made, either about them or about your surroundings.

Exercise #2

Write down 2 things you could say to get any conversation flowing again.



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