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7 Picking Up Girls Tips That Will Explode Your Skill To The Next Level

When it comes to picking up girls, the majority of men have no idea what they are doing. The main reason that men are unsuccessful at picking up women isPicking Up Girls

that they don’t have a plan. Instead, they just approach women hoping for the best, but they often face rejection. Use these seven tips on picking up girls to improve your skills.

1. Confidence is Key

Women like men who are confident. Confidence is a quality that all women find incredibly attractive. The problem is, however, that most men fear rejection, so when they approach a woman they are often nervous and anxious, and for her this will be a turn-off. When you approaching a woman act as though you have nothing to lose, and don’t fear rejection. She will see you as a confident guy that she wants to get to know better.

2. Get a Wingman

A good friend can really help when picking up women. A friend can act as your wingman. He can make the women you are talking with feel more comfortable, and make the whole process of picking up women feel like a casual activity, rather than a anxiety-ridden nightmare.

3. Avoid Pick-up Lines

Most men use cheesy, cliched pick-up lines when they approach a woman, and this is an immediate turn-off. She’s heard them all before, so she won’t entertain you for very long if you approach her and immediately hit on her with a pick-up line. Instead, make an effort to actually talk to her, or even compliment her. If she sees that you are making to effort to actually talk to her, she will be more inclined to continue the conversation.

4. Know when to Walk Away

Sometimes no matter how good-looking, charming, sweet, thoughtful, and conversational you are, some women still won’t be interested. You need to know when to cut your losses, and move on to another woman. If she is talking to you politely, but doesn’t display any signs that she’s interested in you romantically, such as touching your arm or smiling while making eye contact, then she doesn’t see you as a guy she’d have sex with or date.

5. Focus on Body Language

Many men focus so much on what they’re going to say, and what the woman they’re talking to is saying, that they forget one of the most important aspects of picking up girls, which is body language. Body language shows you how she’s really feeling about you. If she maintains eye contact with you as you talk, touches or strokes your arm, shoulder or any area of your body, laughs at what you say, and smiles a lot, it is safe to say that she is interested in you.

6. Close the Deal

Ensure that you close the deal with each woman that you are picking up. Don’t just have a great conversation with her and leave it at that. Try to get her number, her email address, or even ask her on a date there and then if you are feeling confident.

7. Use your Pick-up Skills

Using your pick-up skills on a number of women is a great way to practice and have some fun. The more you use your skills for picking up girls, the better you will get at it, and the more women you will attract.

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Tom Hunt
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