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How To Pick Up Women Online

How To Pick Up Women OnlineThe number of couples who meet online is rising each year, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of the internet and technology. However, many men are put off the idea of using online dating sites, as they think that they just aren’t a viable way in which to meet women, but this is simply not true. The internet is used by thousands of women, and by joining an online dating site, you can have access to thousands of women’s online dating profiles. Many men, however, simply do not know how to pick up women online.

How to be Successful at Online Dating

Meeting women online is really easy, but getting them interested in you does require a little bit of effort. If you do just three simple things, you can learn how to pick up women online successfully.

1.) Get Her To Click On Your Profile – The Picture Does It!

Although many women claim that appearances aren’t everything, in the world of online dating, they are relatively important. Your profile picture is one of the first things a woman will notice on your dating profile. Be wary when posting photos of yourself with other women. You may think that posting photos of yourself with other women makes you look desirable, but some women could think that you are a player and avoid your profile. If you’re going to post photos of yourself with women, make sure they are casual photos, in which you are having fun. If a woman sees that you are popular with other women, it can pique her interest.

Also avoid posting blurry, poorly-lit or low-quality shots, as women can think that you have something to hide. Finally, never post photos of yourself topless, as you will be seen as a narcissist. Post photos of yourself that are good quality, and well-lit. Also, try to post photos of yourself doing fun activities, such as on a camping trip, or playing golf or tennis. Make sure that you look like a happy person in your photographs; someone who she would like to get to know better.

2.) Make her Want to get to Know you Better

Many men make the mistake of focusing too much on the traits they want in another partner, rather than focusing on their own traits. If you want a person to contact you, or take an interest in you, then you need to give them a reason to do so. In your dating profile, state what makes you unique. Write about your hobbies, your interests and your passions. Do not talk about your ex, as this will put her off. Also do not just state what you want in a woman. This is what the majority of men do, so you won’t stand out to women.

3.) Make a Good First Impression

Whether you are responding to a message from a woman, or sending your own, the first message is important. This is your opportunity to grab her interest, and make her want to get to know you better. Don’t send her a generic message such as “Hi, how are you?” Instead, take the time to read her profile, and then comment or ask her a question about something she said on her profile. For example, she may have stated that she plays guitar, you could say something in the lines of “You play guitar – I bet you still can’t beat me at guitar hero though! Are you up for the challenge or are you going to chicken out on me?”

What are your thoughts on how to pick up women online? Post them in the comment section below!

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