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Meeting Women can be tough! This Advice will Get You Going!

Women are everywhere! So why do so many guys have problems meeting women? Often, it is not really the problem of finding them but rather to:

  • Find them in a situation where they are open for your advances
  • To overcome anxiety, walk up to them and talk to them

At the end of this article, you will have 3 great tips that will help you meet women!

Meeting Women

1.) Meeting Women –  Where to Meet them

  1. The Street
  2. The Subway (that’s were I met my current girlfriend) 
  3. A Department Store, Shopping Mall or Book Shop
  4. In the Gym or a Sports Club
  5. At a Wedding
  6. At a house-party of a friend 
  7. At Work, School or College 
  8. Online Dating Sites
  9. World of Warcraft Forum
  10. Any classes for a skill you can learn e.g. yoga, a new languages or dancing, 

Now you probably noticed that there is something missing from the list, the one that most guys would have listed first spot….bars and nightclubs.

Of course you can meet women in Bars and in Nightclubs, but I highly doubt for most guys, it is the best place to meet girls. This applies to you even more, when you are not good with meeting women. There are several reasons for that.

Let’s imagine her going with her girlfriends to a nightclub. She is in full beauty-combat-gear (make-up, hair done, mini skirt, 7-inch heels). She looks stunning and she knows it. How often do you think she got hit on after the first 2-3 hours? I would estimate between 3-10 guys, without having been called over by her through her body language, will have already hit on her. That of course with varying degrees of being drunk. Now you walk up to her. Are you number 6 or number 11? Good Luck!

Imagine the same girl, all sweaty in a gym outfit at a Kundalini Yoga class working out next to you. When the class is finished, how easy do you say is it to strike up a conversation with her about Kundalini Yoga compared to the other Yoga Classes you have tried in the last 3-month. Get my point?

You can meet girls in bars, but it is neither the easiest nor the best place.

2.) Meeting Women - Get into an Outgoing State of Mind

Make it a habit to talk to as many women as possible. Doesn’t matter if they are old, young, your type or not. This will not only improve your communication skills with women, but also get you in a talk-active and outgoing state of mind. This is the perfect state of mind to meet women that you are attracted to.

Then, start to read situations. Women will show you if they want to be talked to by their use of body language. When they smile towards you, look away, then look back and smile again, it basically means: “Please have the guts and walk over there.”

A woman will not often walk over to you and start to talk to you. But it does happen. Usually, it is expected of the man to make the first move. But actually, the man usually only makes the second move. In a very natural situation, the woman will have called him over with her use of body language.

3.) Meeting Women – Take Action & talk to at least 1 new woman today! 

What is there to write here. You gotta go and do it! Everybody has some kind of fears of approaching women. It’s natural & the fear is not the problem. What is the problem, is if that fear holds us back from actually talking to women. The only way to handle this fear is to do it anyways!

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About Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt
Back in the days I used pickup lines or techniques, now I am just being myself! I am not a player nor a pick up artist, but a guy who works hard everyday to become a better man! Let me help you to do the same with - The No1 Dating Advice Magazine for Men.

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  1. That is great advice about having a goal of meeting one woman a day. That is 30 women a month… at least. And at least one or two will be interested if you’re a nice guy. Great advice.

    Online dating is another great way to meet women! And I agree, it is really tough to meet women in bars in clubs.

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