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How To French Kiss A Girl – 5 Quick Tips So You Won’t Screw It Up!

How to French Kiss a Girl

You’re out with your new girl, and things are going well. You’ve put your arm around her, you’ve held her hand as you walked out of the romantic comedy you took her to, and now you’re looking for the perfect capper for a perfect night. You want to kiss her, but you want to do it right. The art of how to french kiss a girl is one of the most seductive that we, as guys, must master to get the job done right and keep you both coming back for more.

How To French Kiss A Girl

1. Have Good Oral Hygiene:

Even if you’re a smoker, you can still have great oral hygiene. That can set the stage for an outstanding French kiss. Use a breath mint, slide out for a quick, private spray of mouthwash – do something to freshen your breath so that the experience of French kissing your girl is memorable for all the right reasons for you both.

2. Look for (Some) Privacy:

It’s one thing if you’ve just asked the girl of your dreams to marry you and you embrace then and there in front of everyone in the restaurant, but quite another if you’ve just taken her out on your first date. French kissing requires some privacy, away from the curious glances of onlookers, so make sure you’ve walked to a spot in the relative shadows or, at the very least, out of the glare of the public eye.

3. Keep it Normal (at first):

French kissing requires that you start off with a gentle, normal kiss. Because the tongue is involved – a lot – when French kissing, you could really turn her off if you approach her and put your tongue in her mouth right away. Start with a couple of slow, gentle kisses without involving the tongue. You might gently take her lower lip into your mouth slightly and flick your tongue along the edge of it. Either way, you need to warm her up to it – don’t assume she’s ready to go at the starting gates. One of the most signifcant parts of how to French kiss a girl is just taking your time and starting with slow, normal kisses.

4. Deepen it and Breathe:

If your girl is responding favorably to the above advances, tease your tongue against her lips and then, when she leans into you a little more, that’s a sure sign she wants you to deepen the kiss. Part of the fun of how to French kiss a girl is figuring out how to slowly deepen the kiss. Play with her tongue by stroking yours against it; graze your teeth gently against her lips. However you choose to deepen the kiss, ensure you breathe either through your nose or through your mouth. Gasping for air is not the way to your lady’s heart.

5. Touch her!

French kissing is meant to be gentle and passionate; don’t stand there with your hands in your pockets. Part of how to French kiss a girl is touching her. Stroke her face, run your fingers up and down her back, hold her close; let her know that she’s in this moment with you, and she’s special. The only way you can do that is by touching her.

Guys, French kissing is an art, and if you want to impress your lady love, you have to do it right. Being gentle is the absolute key to how to French kiss a girl. Stroke, don’t grope. Flick and taste, don’t devour. You really want to do this properly, so make sure you go forward with all the right moves.

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