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Get A Girlfriend! By Understanding How Attraction Works!

You have female friends, meet girls and have some dates, but for some reason you have a really hard time to get a girlfriend? In case you have problems with the above mentioned & you do not have any girls in your life, you will need to sort that out first.

Assuming that there are women in your life, but any time you want to take it to the next level they will say something like: “You are really sweet & a great catch, but I do not want to have any serious relationship right now.” Then she offers you to be friends.

When girls say something like that to you, it is not very accurate. I would never call it a lie. It is rather a very nice way to tell you that she is not attracted to you, without hurting your feelings. Maybe she even believes at the moment that she does not want to have a serious relationship, but one thing is for certain: if a man would suddenly come along that SHE DOES FEEL ATTRACTED TO, she would throw that “no serious relationship” notion overboard in the blink of an eye. I have seen this happen plenty of times.

Get A Girlfriend

Often then, the guy feels betrayed. I have further noticed many guys that have problems getting girls simply blame it on the girls. They see girls as being “bad” or “messed up”, because they seem to get together with guys that do not treat them as all out nicely as they themselves do. With that sort of attitude, you will never get a girlfriend!

To blame problems with getting a girlfriend on girls is about the worst mistake guys can make. It completely underlines that they do not understand women, what it means to be a mature man and what attracts women to men.

Also, they give away their power: if it’s woman’s fault, how can they do anything about it? They can not influence women after all, can they? So instead of changing their ways, they get bitter and frustrated. When a man goes down that path, it is very difficult to get him on the right track again.

Instead, it is important to understand if a woman FEELS ATTRACTION for a man, she does not have a choice.

Therefore, if you want to get a girlfriend, you better start fully understanding what makes women attracted to you and then do everything you can to become an “attraction magnet”.

Just like a magnet that will pull an opposite poled magnet, when you are turning your attraction up, girls will be pulled to you. And they can do nothing about that!

Attraction is a simple but quite wide ranged topic. Most guys do not naturally get it. But it’s key to get it if you want to get a girlfriend! That is because, for most parts, it is counterintuitive: many guys think they have to be nice to girls, fulfill their every wish. If I am nice to her, she will like me more, right? Well yes, she will like you more AS A FRIEND, but she will not feel more attraction to as a lover. You make fun of a girl and bust on her any time you have the opportunity – then when she asks you to do something for her, you say NO – the average guy thinks that this will lower his chances with her. She will less likely be your friend, as she will more and more feel attracted to you as her lover!

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Tom Hunt
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