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How To Get A Girls Number in 5 Steps

This Article will show you the basic steps to help you understand how to get a girls number. Getting a girls phone number is not that hard in terms of what to do. The hardest part will be to actually overcome fears & JUST DO IT! Here a quick guide to getting Numbers:

How To Get A Girls Number

1.) How To Get A Girls Number – Step #1: She Might Notice You Before You Approach

Women have a far wider peripheral vision than men. They also poses a much better judgement of social situation. She will notice you and in an instant make decisions subconscious decisions about your attractiveness to her. If you are standing by yourself, shoulders slouched with a miserable look on your face, she will most likely stop noticing you right there.

If you have however have great body language, you stand there confident, chances are much better. In the scenario that you are playfully talking to another girl and she slaps you in a playful way, you will have it even easier, because the girl can see that you have social prowess and are liked by other girls.

2.) How To Get A Girls Number – Step #2: She Checks You Out Before You Approach

You caught her attention. The only thing you have to do when that happens, is give her your slyest smile. That’s it. If she smiles back, it’s the first sign that you have good chances when you walk up to her now. It is most likely that when she shows real interest, she will look over a couple of times to see if you notice her and then smile and look away quickly. She can’t show you more obvious that she wants you to approach her or say something to her. This can be combined with other courtship gestures like tossing her hair or playing with it.

It is not fully necessary for her to show these signs before you walk up to her though. If she doesn’t not notice you, walk up and talk to her anyways!

3.) How To Get A Girls Number – Step #3: Approach Her

This is actually the first time that you (THE MAN!) will have to take the initiative. Usually, up to then the woman attracted you over to her. She does so when she is attracted to you. Makes sense?

Then the only thing you have to do is walk up to her in case she is not close to you or open the conversation. Simplest way to open a conversation is by saying “Hi”. That is the best pick-up line known to mankind! Important here, that you say it with a relaxed conviction, so your strength shows through, without being too overly displayed.

4.) How To Get A Girls Number – Step #4: Making Conversation

During the conversation, you gotta keep eye contact and best have a relaxed confident pose. It is more important here how you say things than what you actually say. Say things in a…here it comes again…confident way! Depending on how many courting signals you have received from her earlier, so depending on her interest in you, the conversation will be easier. Most women, when they are truly interested in you, actually do not play hard to get. They will make it easy for you. At this point have a conversation, the more at ease you can do this with playful joking and relaxed taken aback confidence, the better.

5.) How To Get A Girls Number – Step #5 - Close The Deal

After a little chit chat, you apologize that you have to go. You then don’t ask for her number, you say: “Hey give me your number, I want to continue chatting with you!” – while you give her your phone in her hand. Once you have something in your hand, it feels natural to do something with that, it will feel more natural to put in her number. Also, don’t aks her, rather tell her what to do! That comes across as more confident.

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