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5 Fun and Romantic Things to Do On First Date

First impressions are important, which is why choosing a fun and romantic activity for a first date is vital to the success of your potential partnership. Although few people will judge compatibility entirely on the setting or activity selected for a first date, their experience will certainly color their decision to step out on a second date or not(Read THIS).  Though each moment of the date doesn’t need to be planned out – this will, conversely, make your evening feel a little fake – a rough idea of how you’d like your time together to play out will ensure things run smoothly.

Before making your choice of venue, food, or activity, have a brief chat with your date if possible. The goal isn’t to reveal your plans ahead of time, but to verify that they don’t have any food allergies, physical limitations, or other personal considerations that would be a bad match for your date ideas. Keep your conversation light and pleasant, and take note of any locations they mention liking or disliking as you chat. If your partner is a blind date, ask the same questions to your mutual friend or the person that set you up. Once your reconnaissance is completed, consider these possibilities for sparking your new romance:

5.) The Marvelous Midway

The bright cheer of flashing lights, the potential for a little cozy snuggling on a Ferris wheel, the rush of a fast hill on a roller coaster – these are all excellent opportunities to laugh and bond with your new partner. Whether you’re into people-watching or playing games, outings like circuses, boardwalks, and county fairs all offer excellent opportunities for a fun evening out. For the best results, let your companion lead you towards the activities that appeal to them, rather than forcing them to go on a ride that could upset their stomach, or encouraging them to eat fair food that could result in the same issue. Try to win them a special souvenir like a plush toy or trinket and they’ll think of you every time they look at it.

4.) Go Animal Hunting

Leave the guns and pith helmets at home – heading to a zoo or local aquarium is a great way to find lots to talk about. Discovering their favorite animal and eagerness to learn about others is an excellent way to gain insight into your companion’s preferences. From special exhibits to interactive displays like touch pools or trivia quizzes, touring your nearest animal-centric attraction will keep you moving with plenty to see and do. A low-key snack at the cafeteria or dinner at a nearby restaurant is a great way to relax and chat about your favorite exhibits afterwards – just be tactful and try to avoid seafood restaurants if you’ve spent all day admiring baby fish.

3.) DIY Dating

Staring nervously at a near-stranger across a dinner table makes it difficult to open up conversationally and really test your compatibility. Working together on a project allows for a more casual atmosphere, more comfortable clothes, and a definitive finished product you can both be proud of. Check into activities like cooking or pottery classes in your local area, as these will both allow you to work together and add your own special touches to your finished masterpiece. If you can get along in a kitchen or workshop, chances are you have a great potential for future compatibility with your date.

2.) Dining Al Fresco

Eating is a popular dating activity, but taking it outdoors adds an extra element of thoughtfulness. After all, anyone can make reservations at a restaurant, but packing a picnic lunch with all the necessary silverware and plates takes careful planning. Use the best foods and worst foods you’ve gleaned from your pre-date reconnaissance mission to pack your basket, along with a blanket to set out at the beach or park. If an entire meal doesn’t fit the bill, a series of light snacks like cheeses and fruit along with sparkling fruit juice is a memorable treat that your date is sure to appreciate.

1.) Get Competitive

Provided your partner doesn’t have physical limitations, bring them along to a local laser tag arena or bowling alley and challenge a nearby couple to a game or two. The competitive nature will help you bond as a team, and the excitement of playing against another couple will ensure a lot of lighthearted fun. Alternately, head to an arcade (if your town doesn’t have a dedicated arcade, movie theaters typically have similar games) and see who can get the highest score on dancing games or arcade classics. Be sure to keep yourself in check if you tend to be overly aggressive in challenges and you’ll be rewarded with a positive experience for both of you.

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