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Christian Dating Advice – How to Date Religious Women

While this is not a topic I normally write about, a large percentage of men in this country date and actively search for Christian women. Given this, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss Christian dating advice. The truth is dating believers is not much different from dating non-believers, except for the pre-marital sex part of course.

For the most part, no matter where you live in the world or what God you believe in, dating boils down to a few basic steps. You have to meet the person you are interested in, spark mutual attraction, connect on a deeper level, and foster the relationship over time. The only real difference regarding Christians is the lack of a seduction step, although mutual attraction and physical interaction are still important to the relationship. With that said, the added layer of religious beliefs affects more than you might think.

christian dating adviceChristian Dating Advice Tip#1 – Don’t Fake It

While sharing mutual beliefs is going to be important to both individuals, the shared expectation of being a strong believer affects how you will behave in the interaction. Whereas a non-religious woman might see a man who doesn’t “make a move” as weak or insecure, a religious woman could see this type of behavior as strength and an ability to resist temptation.

Given this, successfully dating women of faith requires that you yourself become a man of faith. If you are already a strong believer, this should not require much effort. With that said, resisting physical temptation is only the tip of the iceberg. Personality traits such as strength of character/integrity and humility are also likely to be highly attractive to women of faith. Fortunately, these characteristics are attractive to most women; they may simply be ‘more’ attractive to women who are strong believers.

Christian Dating Advice Tip#2 – Don’t Make False Assumptions

Assuming you can resist temptation and are a man of integrity, dating in the Christian world is not that different. Women are universally attracted to men who are:

• Dominant
• Alpha
• Leaders
• Funny
• Fun
• Adventurous
• Mysterious
• Romantic

The main difference here lies in how edgy you make these characteristics. While a non-religious woman may find a man uses candles and a bubble bath to seduce a woman romantic, this approach may be much too sexual for a strong believer. Further, alpha/dominant behavior typically involves putting others down or ignoring others in an attempt to make them appear as if they have lower status. This type of behavior may come across as arrogant or downright offensive to a woman who values humility, sharing and compassion.

Christian Dating Advice Tip #3 – Don’t Go Soft

With that said, you cannot become a Wussbag. Ever. It does not matter where in the world you are, women are universally turned off by weak, wussbag men. This includes submissive behavior, constantly apologizing, doing favors for people to get them to like you, etc.

In conclusion, it’s hard to give Christian dating advice because women are universally attracted to and turned off by the same things. Assuming you are following the word of Christ and acting with integrity, the rest of the dating advice here on my blog will serve you just fine.

Good Luck,

Tom Hunt

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Tom Hunt
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  1. That is a clever article. I have faced the religious girl issue by the past and messed it up because i thought i should behave differently than with other women. In my case, i was too slow and i was not dominant enough. Without being pushy, it is possible to show what you want and get what you want.

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