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DatingBullet.com has all the dating advice you will need including a large section of how to's and the best online dating tips. Our expert will tell you everything you need to know about dating including how to meet women, how to get a girlfriend, and kissing. It doesn't matter what part of flirting or understanding women you just don't quite get, we have been there before so we know our advice works. From getting that first date on okay cupid or pof, or even at a speed dating event, to learning how to talk to girls, the tips are here. If you are a little shy, don't have time or know where to meet women, try one of our recommended free dating sites. There is a list of the best dating sites, online dating profile examples and even links to a dating coach if you want one-on-one help. DatingBullet.com will show you how to impress a girl, how to ask a girl out and then how to get a girl to like you. Whether you are looking for how to pick up girls for the night or how to approach women to find a girlfriend, the dating tips we have work. We will tell you where to meet women and how to attract women. Maybe you need to change your look or find some new pick up lines. Even more, once you know how to flirt we can show you how to kiss a girl to keep her around. DatingBullet.com will help you get a girl and make the moves so that the ball is always in your court. Our goal is to give you the knowledge you need to build your confidence because a confident man will always get the girl. So get reading, get some practice in and then go get the women you want.

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The 3 SECRET Ingredients to PASSING Any Woman’s Tests


It’s SCARY… You know that she is going to test you… But what you DON’t know is when and how…. And if YOU FAIL her test, she will completely LOOSE ATTRACTION for you…this thought alone used to completely FREAK ME OUT! For a woman testing a guy is SUPER important, and she often does it without even consciously thinking about ... Read More »

How to NOT suck at kissing (unlike most guys)

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 18.31.19

  Kissing is this MAGICAL point where a casual relationship turns SEXUAL. And, it is the point where I see MOST GUYS completely blowing otherwise AMAZING chances with women… More clearly, not kissing at the RIGHT MOMENT is one of the main reasons that RUINS sex or a potential relationship…and STOPS everything DEAD in its tracks. This post will (hopefully) ... Read More »

Top 6 Online Dating Red Flags for Men — TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!

Online Dating Red Flags For Men

Liars and fakes are part of online dating! After reading this article you will know exactly how to identify the 10 most common online dating red flags for men. Signals that the person you are talking to might be not “as advertised” or trouble. This in turn will save you a tremendous amount of time, pain, and awkward situations. But do ... Read More »

Online Dating Photos – How To Select Powerful Pics for Men That Get Response


At the end of this post on how to select powerful online dating photos! You will know exactly which pictures to select in order to get the most replies from women online! We will first look at a study of which online dating photos have the most chance to get replies, then we will look at my own tests with ... Read More »

Online Dating Message Tips – Write Messages That ALWAYS Get A Reply!


The basic to attract women online is a well written, emotionally engaging profile copy. If you don’t have one yet, read our blog post on this here: How To Write An Online Dating Profile That Makes Girls Reply! Implement the advice, and your basics for successfully attracting women online are set in place! Now it’s time to go hunting with our online ... Read More »

Online Dating Profile Tips For Men – Don’t Commit These 7 Profile Sins!

edit your profile professionally

A great online dating profile is a very powerful! It’s almost like an ATM card for meeting women, with an unlimited bank account attached. Yet most guys completely fail in online dating and never get any replies. I have analysed hundreds of online dating profiles & helped dozens of guys create better profiles. If you want me to help you ... Read More »

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